Paul S. Anderson, Ph.D.

Paul Anderson is a retired pharmaceutical industry expert; former VP at Bristol-Myers Squibb, VP of Chemistry at Merck's West Point, PA facility, and senior VP for DuPont Pharmaceuticals. He has been involved in research leading to the approved drugs Zocor, Trusopt, Aggrastat, Crixivan and Sustiva. Dr. Anderson is the 2006 Priestley Medalist, the highest honor granted by the American Chemical Society. He is also the recipient of numerous awards including the E.B. Hershberg Award for important discoveries in medicinally active substances. He was named the 2002 recipient of the Perkin Medal; the highest honor given for outstanding applied Chemistry in the United States. Dr. Anderson obtained B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Vermont and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire.