Most drugs available today affect normal cells as well as diseased cells. This causes side effects and reduces drug potency. More advanced drugs might be able to target single proteins, but these proteins may also be found on healthy cells. Moreover, single protein inhibitor drugs may be limited to certain patients and prone to drug resistance.

Centrose is circumventing these obstacles with the creation of a new type of precision medicine called the Extracellular Drug Conjugate, or EDC.  EDCs are comprised of a drug and an antibody that are permanently linked.  EDCs bind to cancer cells.  Because the drug and antibody components of the EDC bind to two separate targets on the surface of cancer cells, EDCs are incredibly precise and specific in their action.  Both the drug and antibody targets must be present and in close proximity for the EDC to bind.  Centrose and its collaborators have shown that EDCs have no effect on healthy cells but cause the rapid destruction of diseased cells.

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