In The Lab - Examining

Centrose is a drug development company committed to bringing safe and effective FDA approved therapies to patients with pancreatic cancer or other diseases where there are no cures. We have identified a class of precision therapies called EDCs that stop tumor growth while reducing inflammation and activating our own defense mechanisms; all leading to safe and effective treatments for patients.

In 2009, Centrose discovered how to place small molecule drugs at precise locations on the surface of diseased cells. We call this discovery EDC technology. Our first example of the power of EDC Technology is the precise localization of a powerful class of hormones that can be used in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Using EDC technology, drugs are directed to specific types of diseases with the utmost precision. In model studies, this new class of precision therapy has been shown to cure cancers, reduce inflammation, and be affective on other types of diseases where there are no cures.