Centrose is a biotech company that adds precision to drugs.

Most small molecule drug candidates lack precision and therefore are toxic to normal cells. Antibody drugs are precise but lack effectiveness. Centrose takes the effectiveness of small molecule drugs and combines them with the precision of antibodies to make a new class of drugs called EDCs.

Today antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) need to enter cells, need to degrade to be effective and some target genetic material. Centrose created a new ADC called EDC that circumvents all these problems.

Current EDCs disturb a cell's membrane potential which is required for growth, movement and division. EDCs kill diseased cells selectively,  stopping their ability to divide, release toxic substances, and metastasize to other organs. EDC do all of this without degrading, without having to enter the cell, and without effecting DNA.

The breakthrough


As reported in our recent Nature journal publication→, Centrose discovered that a cellular ion pump interacts with many disease-related markers. Centrose also discovered that antibodies to these markers could be used as delivery vehicles for the precise placement of drugs on the surface of diseased cells.  Precision therapies made this way are called Extracellular Drug Conjugates (EDCs).  EDCs made by Centrose precisely inhibit the ion pump,  which disturbs movement of potassium and sodium in and out of diseased cells, eliminating their electric potential, and finally killing them in a safe and effective manner.

EDCs never need to enter the cell to exert their therapeutic effect. This makes EDCs unique, offering a completely new mechanism for disease treatment. Because proper ion flow is required to maintain a cells electric potential, EDCs lead to profound changes in the cell's ability to grow, divide and express harmful substances.

Our lead drug is called EDC9, which uses Rituximab to direct our pump inhibitor to B-cells to treat Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) and many autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). EDC9 was found to be safe in primates and more effective than Rituximab at destroying these B-cells in animal models with NHL.




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