Centrose is a precision drug discovery company. Today, drugs are far from precise.  Lack of precision leads to toxicity and side-effects.

Centrose created a class of precision drugs (EDCs) that use antibodies to place drugs within nano-meters of their targets. Unlike antibody drug conjugates or ADCs that affect DNA, Centrose drugs  change a cells membrane potential - the electric flow of ions that allow cells to move, grow and feed themselves. EDCs therefore precisely affect cell division, motility, and metabolism in a cell specific manner, without affecting a patient's genetic material. 

Unlike ADCs, EDCs do not require internalization or release of free drug. This means advanced potency and less toxicity.

The breakthrough


As reported in our recent Nature journal publication→, Centrose discovered that a vital ion pump found on all human cells interacts with certain disease-related cell surface markers. Centrose also discovered that antibodies could be used to deliver vehicles for inhibitors to the vital pump. The ability to safely inhibit the pump on diseased cells has led to the development of EDC Technology.

Because the pump and associated markers are on the surface of cells, Centrose named its new drugs, "Extracellular Drug Conjugates" or EDCs. EDCs never need to enter the cell to exert their therapeutic effect. This makes EDCs unique and offers a completely new mechanism for disease treatment. Because the pump is required to maintain an electric potential across the membrane, stopping its action leads to profound changes in a diseased cell's ability to grow, divide and express harmful substances.

Our lead drug is called EDC9, a Rituximab bio-better.




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