Centrose is a drug discovery company, committed to bringing the most-advanced precision therapies to patients afflicted by advanced forms of cancer and other difficult to treat diseases. We have created a new class of precision drugs, called EDCs, that give doctors the ability to place powerful medicines exactly where they want them. Precision therapy is a safer and more powerful treatment option because only diseased cells are affected, completely eliminating side effects and dramatically increasing drug potency.

The breakthrough


As reported in our recent Nature journal publication→, Centrose discovered that a vital salt pump found on all human cells interacts with multiple disease-related markers. Centrose learned that antibodies specific to those markers could be used to deliver potent pump inhibitors. The ability to safely inhibit the pump on diseased cells has led to the development of powerful, new drugs.

Because the targeting and inhibition of the pump and its associated markers are extracellular (occurring on the surface of cells), Centrose named its new drugs, "Extracellular Drug Conjugates" or EDCs. EDCs never need to enter the cell to exert their therapeutic effect. This makes EDCs unique and offers a completely new mechanism for disease treatment.

Centrose is now developing multiple EDCs. Our lead EDC is EDC9, for the treatment of Rituxan®-resistant non-Hodgkin lymphomas. EDC9 has been found to directly kill several types of CD20-expressing lymphomas, including ones that no longer respond to Rituxan®.




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