Centrose is a drug discovery company, committed to bringing the most-advanced precision therapies to patients afflicted by advanced forms of cancer and other difficult to treat diseases. We have created a new class of precision drugs, called EDCs, that give doctors the ability to place powerful medicines exactly where they want them. Precision therapy is a safer and more powerful treatment option because only diseased cells are affected, completely eliminating side-effects and dramatically increasing drug potency.

The breakthrough.


Centrose recently discovered a universal on/off switch for disease control. Using our expertise in chemistry and biology, our scientists identified a protein that is required for cell growth and thus acts as a universal switch. This universal switch interacts with multiple proteins, many of which have proven to be valuable antibody drug targets. For example, Rituxan, which is considered an essential medicine by the World Health Organization, binds to CD20. Centrose discovered that CD20 interacts with, and signals through, the universal switch.

Using our patented EDC Technology, Centrose devised a way to specifically turn off the switch in the abnormal cells by using antibodies like Rituxan to precisely deliver a powerful drug.  Data now shows that antibodies like Rituxan, when deployed as EDCs, can completely eradicate certain types of cancer.



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