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If you ever wondered why medicines can affect you in so many ways, it is because medicines today are not addressed to the diseased cells. In fact, today's drugs typically affect almost every cell in your body. Centrose is changing all that using Nature's own machinery.

Centrose is a biotechnology company that develops and commercializes medicines that selectively target diseased tissues only. To do this, Centrose invented the first ever extracellular drug conjugate system (EDCs) for the production of life saving medicines.

Our mission is to bring safer and more effective medicines to the market.

Our story is an impressive portfolio of a new class of antibody drug conjugates that function in a completely new way: EDCs do not require internalization, they are not prodrugs, and they use a well characterized class of drugs that are specifically made in our bodies to control unwanted cell growth.

Safety, Efficacy, and Advanced Science: That is what Centrose is all about.