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Small molecule drugs can lack precision and their actual target may not be known, making them toxic.  On the other hand, antibodies are very precise but typically lack potency.      


Using an innovative type of antibody drug conjugate (ADC), Centrose can now combine the potency of small molecule drugs with the precision of antibodies. Called EDC Technology, Centrose can now place a drug within angstroms of its site while increasing its potency. This precision is unmatched in the industry and greatly reduces off-target toxic side effects.


Today, all ADCs use very toxic chemicals that must be released from the antibody and enter cells to be effective.  These facts have led to a lack luster market acceptance.

In an effort to make a better ADC, Centrose created EDCs. EDCs do not need to release drug from the antibody nor enter cells. In addition, EDCs activate immune responses, reduce inflammation and kill the targeted cells via necrosis. These modes can be preferred for treating multiple diseases. For cancers, these are preferred because many cancers require our immune system for complete tumor cell elimination, are resistant to apoptotic cell death, and have pumps that push drugs out of cells.  EDCs may also make tumors "hot", a growing interest for those that prescribe immune checkpoint inhibitors such as Yervoy and Keytruda.



As reported in our recent Nature journal publication→, Centrose discovered that drug targets interacted with diseased targets on the surface of cells. Along with this came the idea that antibodies could be used to deliver drugs with exquisite precision using what is now called EDC Technology.  The EDCs described in the publication starve the cells for food by shutting of their ability to channel nutrients and small molecules in and out of cells. The EDCs described offer a completely new mechanism for treating disease.


Centrose's lead drug (EDC9) will initially be used to treat patients with drug resistant Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas (NHL). In addition to EDC9, EDC1 kills metastatic cancers and the surrounding stromal cells and EDC8 targets CD38 which appears effective at killing Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) when combined with ATRA.




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