Centrose is a biotech company that adds precision to drugs. Using antibodies, Centrose can place a drug within angstroms of the intended site. This precision is unmatched in the industry and greatly reduces off-target side effects.

Most drugs used today lack precision and for many, their actual target is unknown.  Antibodies make precise drugs but they lack potency. Using its EDC technology, Centrose takes the potency of small molecule drugs and combines them with the precision of antibodies. EDC Technology is the only confirmed technology that can place a drug within angstroms of its site while maintaining small molecule drug potency.

Today, the three approved antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) all kill by apoptosis, need to enter cells and need to release their small molecule drug payloads before becoming active. ADCs thus are prone to resistance, loose potency, and lack precision. Centrose created EDCs as improved and more precise ADCs that are less prone to resistance.

Current EDCs for cancer work by disturbing the cell's membrane potential which is required for growth, movement and division. These EDCs also induce Integrated Stress Responses (ISR) and kill cancer cells via a combination of Immunogenic Cell Death (ICD) and necrotic cell death. These killing modes can be preferred as many cancers become resistant to apoptotic death and/or have pumps that push drugs back out. Since EDCs do not enter cells, pumping drugs out, is not effective. In addition, ICD and necrosis are known to activate immune surveillance, possibly making tumors "hot", an interest for those that prescribe immune checkpoint inhibitors such as Yervoy and Keytruda.

The breakthrough


As reported in our recent Nature journal publication→, Centrose discovered that antibodies could be used to deliver drugs to the targets found on the surface of diseased cells with exquisite precision using what is now called Extracellular Drug Conjugate Technology or EDC.  The EDCs described precisely block an ion pump, disturbing the cell's membrane potential. This in-turn starves the cells for food.

These new ADC type molecules never need to enter the cell to exert this effect; making EDCs unique and offering a completely new mechanism for disease treatment.

Centrose's lead drug (EDC9) will initially be used to treat patients with drug resistant Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas (NHL). In addition to EDC9, Centrose has also found an EDC that kills metastatic cancers as well as the fibroblasts and platelets that have been shown to enhance the development of some cancers.




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