EDC2 brings a new level of anti-cancer potency:  at less than 1 nano gram per milliliter, EDC2 delivers death to cancer. EDC2 simultaneously targets the NKA and CD147. These two proteins form a complex on cancer cells but not blood cells.  CD147 interacts with transporters and proteases at the leading edges of cancer growth, sensing tumor environments and changing the shape and metabolism of cells in response to that environment. EDC2 binds to the expanding tumor front telling the cancer cells to stop proliferating, to stop spreading and ultimately signally the cell to die.

CD147 is a validated cancer target and humanized antibodies to CD147 were first produced by J&J. These CD147 antibody drugs failed in the clinic due to lack of efficacy (not potent enough). EDC2 turns antibodies to CD147 into powerful new tools in the fight against cancer.

EDC2 Report